HIV: Hey, It's Viral!

Half of all new HIV infections in the U.S. occur among people ages 25 and younger, but no national platform currently educates young people on preventing the virus. To address this issue, community leaders Howard Brown Health Center, Beyondmedia Education and About Face Theatre joined forces to produce Condom Sense: A Real Life Education. This innovative sex-ed program was created in collaboration with Chicago youth living with HIV.

"HIV: Hey, It's Viral!" is a groundbreaking sex-positive 20-minute video from Beyondmedia Education addressing HIV/AIDS prevention and activism from youth perspectives. The video shows young people what HIV is, how it is transmitted, and how it can be prevented - all spun with a fun soundtrack and entertaining animations to illustrate the science of HIV/AIDS. Focusing on risk reduction, safer sex practices and the importance of testing, the movie stresses the idea that anyone can get HIV, and everyone can help prevent it.

The HIV: Hey It's Viral! DVD includes the 20 minute video, plus extra bonus features that explain in depth the biology of HIV, how to use a condom, how to get tested for HIV, as well as individual personal stories of young people living with HIV. Other features include a workbook for educators, an action guide for activists, educational visual aids and more.

A Q'd In Media Project

The mission of Q’d In Media is to support queer and allied youth organizing and community building, combat homophobia in the many communities where queer youth live, learn and struggle, and make the real and complicated lives of queer youth visible to a larger public.

A consistent goal and strategy throughout all Q’d In Media projects is to apply media education in innovative ways to effectively address documented problems of special concern to partnering organizations.

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  • Humboldt Pride Award, 2010
    43rd Annual Humboldt Film Festival