Chain of Change

In 2008, the Chain of Change project organized over 25 groups of youth activists across the state of Illinois to individually and collectively strategize how to end violence against women and girls. Giving these groups access to flip video cameras, Beyondmedia challenged the groups to think about their own roles in this struggle and to create short video segments to be uploaded to this website.

The website subsequently serves as a platform to facilitate discussion around the topics and issues the videos address and serves to strengthen the bonds between the participants and to raise awareness of violence against women and girls, in all its complexity.

Now in its fourth year, the Chain of Change project is being led by a youth leadership committee which will determine the next step and direction of the project in 2011.  

A Girls! Action! Media! Project

Girls! Action! Media! workshops create a safe space for young women to talk about issues of concern and develop as community activists while learning important media, arts and technology skills.

We partner with programs for under-served girls and young women, equipping them to use technology and media creatively to examine and ultimately transform their lives and their communities.

Other Girls! Action! Media! Projects