Girls' Theory: Me-search Research

Beyondmedia's Girl World Media Workshop was a year-long after-school program with Alternatives that began in 2001. Alternatives provides innovative leadership and advocacy opportunities to lower-income girls and young women on the north side of Chicago. Beyondmedia collaborated with 19 girls, aged 14-17, in the Girl World Teen Group to produce a video, "Girls' Theory, Me-search Research".

In their own voices, the girls cover topics such as violence, stereotypes of women, sex, relationships, reputation, and the future. The young women critically examined representations of teenagers and women of color in mainstream media and took to the streets to interview the public about the subject. As a result, their smart, hip video merges personal discussions about the daily struggle to be a righteous sister with the mixed blessings of the world at large.  

A Girls! Action! Media! Project

Girls! Action! Media! workshops create a safe space for young women to talk about issues of concern and develop as community activists while learning important media, arts and technology skills.

We partner with programs for under-served girls and young women, equipping them to use technology and media creatively to examine and ultimately transform their lives and their communities.

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